Captain’s Log 0202.52.01.0001 – Site Update

Image Credit: Photo by qi bin on Unsplash
Yes. This is where I’m currently located.
Figuratively speaking, that is. 🙂

Greetings, friends!

First off, to my dear subscribers: I wish to apologize for any confusion. You probably received an email saying “New Post… This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading.”

I am still experimenting with setting up this site. And I’ve yet to learn about all the features and settings etc. So that was an utterly, much regretted mistake. I will be certain to be more careful about publishing my post to the public when it’s ready so you, dear reader, can actually read it, instead of landing on an annoying “Put your password in” page. I’ve no wish to flood your inbox with “such useless nonsense.”

Now onto the good stuff.

Site Update:

Currently I’m set on posting every Wednesday (excluding this Log entry, of course, so officially starting in February). I shall be alternating Captain’s Log and Reviews each week. Originally I planned to post a review every week, but then I realized that “economy is key, that brevity takes time, that excellence means perseverance” (Robert McKee, STORY). In short: I doubt my ability to generate reviews in such a quantity without compromising quality.

Captain’s Log entries will consist of what I’m doing and other items of interest I wish to share, which you will immediately get a sample of below. 🙂

Humans like consistency. So I intend to stick to this posting schedule. But please be patient if I have the need to change this due to other priorities which may come up from time to time, or in the case that when I set up a feedback page and you folks strongly advise me to do something else.

What I’m Watching:

POLDARK, Season 3, PBS, Masterpiece

POLDARK, Season 3, PBS, Masterpiece

I’ve been watching this show with my mom, and it’s been quite good so far (content and morality wise I’d recommend it for mature teens and older). Fantastic characters (arcs), production values, and lovely historical setting (we’re talking about late 1700s/after American Revolution, Cornwall, England). It’s not perfect, but it’s one of the better recent TV shows I’ve come across. I shall do a full review of this later. Can be a great discussion launchpad in terms of family, politics, social classes, friendship, courage, marriage fidelity, religion, hypocrisy, etc.

LITTLE BOY, film, from the producers of Son of God

Surprisingly sweet, funny, and deep. Also: tear jerker. What does it really mean to “love thy enemy” and to “have faith the size of a mustard seed”? Recommend for the entire family.

What I’m Listening:

You don’t answer all my questions
But You hear me when I speak
You don’t keep my heart from breakin’
But when it does, You weep with me
You’re so close that I can feel
When I’ve lost the words to pray
And though my eyes have never seen
You I’ve seen enough to say
I know that You are good
I know that You are kind
I know that You are so much more
Than what I leave behind
I know that I am loved
I know that I am safe
Cause even in the fire to live is Christ, to die is gain

~ “I Know” by Big Daddy Weave

An achingly beautiful and true reminder for me this week (it’s been a tough one)…

Finally, I shall leave you with this Quote For Thought:

That’s it for now! 🙂 Feel free to like, comment, share! Any and all thoughts/feedback/questions are heartily welcome!

14 thoughts on “Captain’s Log 0202.52.01.0001 – Site Update

    1. Thanks Evelyn!! Yeah, Poldark is a great show, but it’s not perfect and there are some content so discretion is advised. (Mostly I like to be able to use the story and the characters’ weaknesses (and poor decisions) as a launch pad for discussion on family issues etc. That’s not to say that there are many triumphant moments/wise choices made by the MCs as well.) I’ll be writing a review for Season 1 soon… 🙂


  1. Oooh, this is so exciting!! I super excited for this blog and I can’t wait to see what’s coming! 🤩 *throws confetti*
    I brought the pizza because one MUST have pizza if they are going to celebrate properly! 🍕😄 *hands you slice* BEST OF LUCK AS YOU START THIS NEW VOYAGE. I’m cheering you on!! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

          1. aggghhh, this is REALLY hard question! I love Chicken and Bacon Ranch pizza. And supreme pizza. And cheese pizza. And pepperoni pizza. 😄 BUT NO PINEAPPLE. *gags* I hate pineapple on pizza. What about you? 😀

            Liked by 1 person

            1. 🙂 Absolutely *no* pineapple. Thank you very much.
              I usually have the Little Cesaer’s regular pepperoni, and sometimes the Extra Most Bestest pepperoni. Another favorite would be the combo pizza at Costco. Yum. It has Italian sausage, with some green peppers, and probably something else I can’t remember for toppings. 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      IKR – I came across a great batch of them on, which I plan on sharing in the coming months. I’ve yet to actually read his N-Fic works, but I’ve really enjoyed (although was also confused, but in a rather good way) his fictional works – Manalive, The Man Who Was Thursday, and The Napoleon of Nottinghill. Def unique and original paradigm changes for me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Ah true. The first time I read it I didn’t know what to think… the second time ’round I decided I liked it but still am not entirely sure what to think. 🙂 Quite the romping ride/idea though – and I grew to appreciate GKC’s humor. (Interesting to have learned he wrote Man/Thursday book when he was a Protestant and before he turned Catholic.)


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