Welcome! I’m extremely pleased to present to you Project Pursue Wisdom.

THE WHY: I started this site as an effort to influence our society to pursue that which is Wise, True, Good, Noble, Just. I have been a culture consumer (mostly films and books, as well as some news), and I’ve noticed that I have not been thinking things through thoroughly but only ingesting an excessive amount information and responding with knee-jerk-like reactions.

All eating and no digesting, so to speak.

Thus Project Pursue Wisdom is born. This will be a periodically updated Project dedicated to film and book reviews and – more importantly – discussions, as well as a presentation platform for some other resources/topics/ideas I’ve found helpful or interesting in my pursuit of wisdom in today’s culture/society.

I also plan on doing some fun things once in a while, like talking about literary/on-screen heroes and villains and couples and why they’re so loved. Down the road will be author spotlights and (hopefully) interviews. And under the Captain’s Log tab, I shall include some life reflections and devotions, as they come my way.

So thank you for dropping by. I hope you will benefit from my upcoming reviews and analyses. I also hope to start a conversation among us: To think and not only consume culture. To shape it, rather than be shaped by it. Or you can use the word transform, if you liked what I did in the tagline above.

My wish is to not end with merely an informative site, but also individuals who seek to do what I’m trying to here with you. To start a conversation. To build listening (or in this case, reading) skills. To keep the fire going with those you know and interact with. To keep thinking, growing, talking, listening, learning, transforming to not conform with the culture, but learn how to transform it to a higher order of standards.

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